I’m in awe of faces… and the rainbow of humanity.  I see beauty everywhere, in the so-called imperfect, a crooked nose, a great big smile.

What others see as “different” I see as unique.

I’m into capturing people the way they really are.

I like to have fun while shooting and go with the flow... Born and raised in San Francisco under the California sun I am a natural light photographer.  I like working outdoors with my subjects and using available light within interior environments.

I really enjoy working with families and people to capture and preserve those iconic life-moments, from infancy to grandparents. It’s a special opportunity to connect and share a moment in time…

Being a mother myself, and understanding how quickly childhood passes, photographing those innocent times, holds a special place in my heart.  My son and daughter are my greatest inspiration.  When my kids were little ones I was easily lost in my daughter’s eyelashes and my son’s sweet baby curls.... all memories lovingly chronicled.

I would be honored to share in your life’s special moments!

In the last few years I have delved into photographing residential interiors for architects and designers.  Architecture and design are another passion of mine and this has been another great avenue.  I love shooting interiors and working with the light to bring a space to life.

Contact me today to set up an appointment.   646.220.6100 or

Lorraine Regan -  Montclair, NJ

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